Oculus rift vs. 3D projector

Oculus rift

Oculus rift is an awesome product. Nothing can recreate the 3D feel like screens that fulfill nearly your whole field of view. Oculus is awesome for gaming, it reacts to head movement and rotates the view accordingly.
While these features are really awesome, it doesn’t mean it’s the end for 3D projection.

Oculus rift

What are the main differences?

Well, first and main difference is type of using. While wearing Oculus, you are the only one who can see the picture. If you want to enjoy a 3D movie with your friends, you would have to buy Oculus for everybody, which is expensive and unpractical. Using 3D projector you can easily buy cheap polarized, color filter, or more expensive active glasses.

Oculus rift

Don’t forget that while wearing Oculus rift on your head, you cannot see anything else. Drinking and eating popcorn might get bit harder. Speaking with friends without seeing each other too. And giving a kiss to your girlfriend/boyfriend while extremely romantic scene with those displays on your head will be an ultimate challenge. For watching movie, a 3D projector is more suitable.

A lot of new games are being developed with Oculus Rift in mind, so we can expect great new games for oculus to come!

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      This is a comparison between oculus rift (A headset with it’s own displays) and 3d projectors. There’s nothing that would sync with projector. Read more here:

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