Gaming in 3D

Gaming in 3D is an awesome experience. Doesn’t matter if it’s a first-person shooter or a flight simulator, the depth makes them even more awesome. Playing in stereocopic 3D has been here for years. At first people used to play just with simple anaglyph glasses. Later it was playing with shutter glasses with CRT monitors capable of 120Hz refresh rate. Nowadays there is famous Oculus rift and a high quality 3D projectors. There are some games optimized for 3D – for example Crysis 2 has an built in option to turn on 3D and is well optimized. Don’t forget that when you are playing in 3D, your computer has to render twice as much pictures – one for the left and one for the right eye. If you are willing to play in 3D, make sure you have a high performance computer!

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stereoscopic gaming

How do people play games in stereoscopic  3D?

Only few games have built-in 3D option, how to solve this problem? It depends on your graphics card manufacturer.

  • For NVIDIA users

There is an built-in stereoscopic option in the driver settings. This makes most of the 3D games playable in stereoscopic 3D! Here is a nice guide on how to set up the 3D driver.

  • For ATI users

You have to download (or buy – for more advanced 3D options) application called TriDef. This application will make almost every 3D game playable in stereoscopic 3D!