3D TV vs. 3D projector?


Well, 3D TVs are here for quite some time, why don’t just buy a TV?. The answer is simple. 3D effect TV can provide is nothing  in comparison with what 3D projector can offer.
Why is that?
Mainly because of the small screen size of the TV in comparison to projector. The bigger the screen, the bigger the 3D effect! Purpose of 3D viewing is to get as close to reality as it goes, but the screen is just a part of our field of view – and we are trying to fill it absolutely.
That’s why 3D projectors can provide much greater experience in comparison to TV screens.


3D TVs are not bad. I actually own one, and it works really good. It’s a passive LG 420 LM (on the photo above). I personally have problems with seeing good 3D effect on active 3D TVs. Downside of passive 3D TV is the interlacing. Black horizontal lines are a bit disturbing for eyes.

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